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How to conduct a marketing campaign on "TikTok" to raise brand recognition in foreign market?

28 September 2023

The brands that have a certain market share in the local market aim to expand into the global market over time with the view to earn more revenue, increase customer base, gain competitive advantage, etc.

The key components of global branding include:

  1. Adapting to different cultures and consumer behaviors
  2. Market research
  3. Product compatibility
  4. Formation of brand vision and stylistics
  5. Competitive advantage
  6. Use of social media platforms, etc.

For instance, our cooperation with Khurjun was launched with the Instagram account management service, as per customer’s preference. However, in the course of service provision, we identified the following key problems:

  • Low product awareness
  • Failure to reach the target audience
  • Failure to implement a proper advertising strategy

Upon analysis, we offered to open a TikTok account to boost brand awareness in the local market, and after some time, expand to international market.

As currently it is impossible to run paid ads on TikTok, the success of content-led marketing requires to process emotions. The effective way to convey emotions in the content is feeling the product. Thus, we identified the target audience, created the content, built the strategy with due regard to the above-mentioned factors. Soon after, the video exceeded a million views. The brand became increasingly popular and received purchase orders from foreign countries. As the brand became known in the global market, its reputation in the local market also rose.

Contact us, if you also want to become a globally recognized brand, strengthen your market position with the right strategy.