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Benefits of pilot projects for B2B sales

28 September 2023

To increase B2B sales, the companies should offer more innovative solutions. However, such innovative solutions, their analysis and testing require a certain amount of time, investment and above all, risk.

Do you know that BIRAINY offers pilot projects to help you optimize time and reduce risks?

For those who don't know, let's briefly tell about pilot projects.
What are pilot projects and why are they important?

A pilot project is a small-scale project to test a new product, service or process of a company or business in a real environment.
Let's mention why it is important:

  • Product/Service Evaluation: Pilot projects provide opportunities to see and understand how the product (service) works in a real business environment.
  • Identification of problems: Pilot projects enable organisations to trial new products and services without committing to them too quickly. They're an effective way to assess the viability of a new idea, before introducing the product (service) to the market. Thus, business can predetermine its approach to those problems.
  • Risk management: Once the problems are identified, there is an opportunity to foresee the potential risks. This also helps to think about the steps that can be taken to manage the risks.
  • Financial management: Large-scale projects inevitably mean big financial expenditure. Pilot projects allow measuring the effectiveness of a project with a small budget.
  • Time optimization: Pilot projects allow to quickly test the product (service), collect feedback and make quick decisions. Thus, it optimizes time by reducing risks. This enables companies to plan effectively and gain competitive strengths.

One of the projects launched by BIRainy was BI/analytics pilot project for Group Motors company. The project’s aims include:

  • Strategy development
  • Resource optimization
  • Risk management
  • Studying the impacts on strengthening the customer relations

What were the project’s results?

Group Motors observed a significant reduction in financial costs and improved resource management.

BIRainy implemented another pilot project for Azerbaijan State Advertising Agency. The project allowed the company to observe all the processes ranging from comprehensive performance evaluation to audience targeting and thus, enabling to make well-grounded decisions.

Relying on our knowledge in the field of data analytics, we can state that pilot projects are the key to successful B2B sales. The projects we executed for the companies such as Group Motors, Azerbaijan State Advertising Agency, Irshad, etc. evidence that pilot projects make the cooperations more sustainable and successful, and ensure to build a mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are also eager to improve your B2B sales strategy, you can benefit from our pilot projects. BIRAINY is within easy reach to guide you every step.

Contact us to enjoy our pilot projects and get data-driven success opportunities in your business.