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Human Resources professionals perform all operations via Jobfier

20 November 2023

The process of implementing any idea requires patience, effort and faith. Startup projects also go through these crucial stages of development, from idea to success. The first step of a startup is to have an original and competitive idea.

BIRAINY, which offers digital solutions to companies and businesses regardless of a sector, developed Jobfier startup for job seekers and employers. What is Jobfier and what are its advantages?

Jobfier is an innovative platform that brings together HR professionals and job seekers, facilitating the recruitment and job search processes.

Our startup aims to:

Find skilled personnel in Azerbaijan

- Issue a certificate recognized by the state

- Bring together professionals and junior specialists

- Offer jobs to specialists

You might ask about the need to create Jobfier. Well, while looking for candidates to involve in BIRAINY, we, as an employer, encountered several problems and thus, decided to create the Jobfier. But what were these problems? Let's see:

- Lack of personnel in the country

- Lack of a specific CV database of specialists

- Having limited time to inform the candidates about the results

- Long, time-consuming selection and search process

On the Jobfier platform, job seekers can discover new job opportunities and take the next steps in their careers. Besides, as a job seeker, you may easily find the job you are looking for if you confirm your knowledge and receive a certificate upon answering certain questions.

What are Jobfier’s benefits for HRs (recruiters)?

As a human resources specialist, upon signing up on the platform, you will be able to filter the search using keywords and speed up the process of finding suitable candidates for the vacancy. For example, you are looking for a front-end developer, specifically with React experience. In the filter section, you enter certain keywords and Jobfier, powered by artificial intelligence, finds only the CVs that match your needs and wants.

Let's see how to filter the CV files in the database with keywords:

- Download any number of CVs from the database

- Filter CVs using 1 or more keywords

- Fast download of filtered CVs

- Recheck of pre-filtered CVs

Also, HR professionals may enjoy a free 3-month premium package to ease, automate and save time in the recruitment process.

As you can see, Jobfier has many useful features which allow to analyze your job search and recruitment processes in detail.

If you, as an HR specialist, are looking for solutions to speed up your recruitment processes, please contact us. We will make your wishes come true.