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What steps to follow and what to pay attention to when programming a game?

24 November 2023

In addition to effectively promoting a brand in the ubiquitous digital business environment, it is even more important to distinguish it, attract new customers and retain the interest of existing customers.

One of the most creative ways to showcase your brand in a new and fun way is Digital Games.

It is the fact that when a brand presents its products and services with a different approach, it drives interest and desire among customers. Digital games establish an emotional connection between a game character and a player. Psychologically, this bond also builds trust in customers.

Games not only give a fun experience, but also boost emotional connection with your customers.

So, what are our main steps in developing games for your brand:

1. Identifying the Idea and Concept:

In this regard, the idea and concept of the game is identified. The main theme of the game is reviewed. Creative and out-of-the-box ideas are discussed, and a single concept is formed.

2. Designing game missions.

In the second phase, the game designer develops a plan of the game in detail. Then, a graphic design is made. The developer decides what elements should be included and how they fit together.

3. Visual elements within games.

A game artist designs the visual components of the game. This includes graphic elements such as images, backgrounds, animations, user interface (UI) elements, logos, etc.

4. Adding graphics and sound effects:

The effects added in this stage are aimed to make the game more realistic. Game effects should be dynamic and stressful. Besides, the combination of these effects gives players a realistic and interesting gaming experience.

5. Programming and Technical phase:

Upon successful completion of above-described stages, game developers identify game writing platform and programming language to write the codes.

6. Testing phase

Most tests are conducted in the final stage of game development. The game goes through various tests to evaluate its performance. Based on the results, necessary adjustments are made.

Thus, when creating custom games of various genres for any company, BIRAINY walks the line and goes through following stages:
- Writing a game script

- Building a design according to the products

- Developing 2D and 3D games

- Using various gaming assets

Why to choose us for gaming app?

- We brainstorm and evaluate the customer’s ideas, meet evolving customer requirements

- Use high-quality graphics and specific sound effects in sync with latest trends,

- Make sure a game has the highest possible quality with a good design and a convenient interface.

How has gaming app development service contributed to our activity?

Have you had a chance to see our stand in Baku Sports Palace on 11.06.2023? How do you think we could draw a crowd to our booth at Game Summit?

As a BIRAINY company, we participated in the Game Summit held in Baku Sports Palace on June 11, 2023.

Our company's stand games were exhibited via a monitor at the Summit, which engaged a lot of visitors. While playing, they had a lot of fun and won gift coupons from us.

Another example is the simulator of walking on the moon, which was presented under the brand name Made in Azerbaijan at the International Astronautical Congress held in Azerbaijan on October 2-6.

Low Gravity equipment, a BIRAINY product, was installed at our stand. After the weight of the equipment was adjusted according to the weight of the participant, a simulated walk on the Moon was realized by wearing VR glasses. Thanks to this event, we were able to explore potential cooperation with various companies.

Moreover, gaming apps developed by BIRainy are of benefit towards promoting your brand in a fun way.
Hurry up to rent a monitor with excellent image quality along with a game specially developed for your brand!