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Stand Game Examples

Stand Game Examples

01 April 2024

Are you aiming to attract a stream of visitors to your booths at forums, events, and exhibitions? 
Our booth games are precisely tailored for you. Wondering what these games include?

Let's dive into the descriptions of the games.

“Brand Shot” 
In the “BrandShot” game, participants achieve points and gain bonuses by skillfully throwing the ball to topple the poles. A crucial detail is the customization of the ball with your logo or brand-related designs, serving to enhance brand visibility and recognition among players.

"Circle Dash: Arrow Avoidance”
The objective of this game is to place a few arrows within a circle without touching other arrows. The goal is to avoid these points while passing through them. The most exciting part is that as the game progresses, the number and speed of circular points increase.  This also makes the game more thrilling and competitive.

"Crafty Cuts: Customized Rewards”
In the "Crafty Cuts: Customized Rewards” game, elements tailored to your company's preferences are utilized. Your customers can benefit from the special offers you provide by cutting these elements.

“Xokkey” game is designed for two players, where your customers engage in a head-to-head match. It's important to note that your business logo will be prominently displayed on the screen throughout the game. By determining winners at the end of each game and presenting them with various prizes, you have the opportunity to transform participants into a loyal customer base, enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty.

“Light Ride”
In the “LightRide” game, your customers will experience the joy of riding a fantastic 2D bike on endless neon platforms. By overcoming obstacles and collecting points, they can earn special offers from you. Most importantly, your business logo will be reflected on the obstacles.

The key point is that these games are not just a means of entertainment; they also offer great opportunities to increase brand awareness about your business. By utilizing games that require quick thinking and fast reaction skills, you can attract visitors' attention and encourage them to visit your booth.

Offering special opportunities to your customers with our prepared games is an excellent way to delight them and expand your loyal customer base.

Present your brand to a wider audience and attract potential customers by providing an entertaining and exciting experience with the games developed by BIRAINY at your business's booth!